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A unique 3D virtual meet-up
for mobile developers

May 27th 2021

For the first time ever

You get to vote who will speak at mDevMeet on May 27th! Register now, and vote for the speakers that you want to hear. You will find the link for voting in your ticket registration confirmation email.

Selected talks

SDK development is great, kinda

Adam Cerny, Smartlook

In the last 3.5 years we have been working on Smartlook mobile SDK...

In the last 3.5 years we have been working on Smartlook mobile SDK and I believe we could tell an interesting story about testing, no-dependency development, build process for 8 mobile platforms or how we started with OpenGL or WebGL development and what we are using it for. For sure we are going to share few fuck ups and i.e. how to use shaders together with your encoder.

Mobile SDK



Your first AOSP contribution

Andrea Falcone, Google

Have you ever wanted to fix a bug in AOSP but found it daunting?...

Have you ever wanted to fix a bug in AOSP but found it daunting? Have you wanted to search the code in AOSP but found it difficult? We'll dig into the tools like Repo and Gerrit that the Android team uses everyday. Get ready to be a contributor to the Android Open Source Project!



Material UX for Engineers

Ashley Davies, Snapp Mobile GmbH

It's a familiar story, it's Monday morning, and you're ready to start...

It's a familiar story, it's Monday morning, and you're ready to start on the latest feature to solve all your user woes! You're excited! You're engaged! But then you see the design, your joyous smile fades, your world turns dark once more. Why? Another iOS carbon copy...

It doesn't need to be this way. Learn how to share the joy of Material Design with your colleagues, and pitch the benefits of a truly native design with user affordance, effective navigation patterns, and usable usability.



SwiftUI In Production

Peter Steinberger, PSPDFKit GmbH

With the 10.3 release of our iOS PDF SDK, we’re shipping SwiftUI...

With the 10.3 release of our iOS PDF SDK, we’re shipping SwiftUI in production. This is a big milestone for us, and an even more interesting one, as our product still supports iOS 12. In this talk I'll explain how we built this feature while also keep things working for iOS 12, and why we picked SwiftUI for it.

This will be an evolution of my existing talk, more geared to start a discussion around SwiftUI In Production.



Development on Kotlin/Native and Swift: New technologies and their internals

Aydar Mukhametzyanov, JetBrains

Tooling and technologies around Kotlin Multiplatform always...

Tooling and technologies around Kotlin Multiplatform always leave Apple platforms a little overboard. After all, Kotlin is a part of Android development, not in iOS.

I will tell you what we do to fix it. You will learn about the Kotlin/Native plugin for AppCode, what it was created for, and what it can do at the moment. I will show the latest developments in the Kotlin Multiplatform, which even have not formed into final products yet, and will tell you how they work from the inside.



Generative art in SwiftUI

Pavel Zak, Freelance

Creating animations and eye candies in SwiftUI is pure joy...

Creating animations and eye candies in SwiftUI is pure joy. In fact, it is such powerful that it seduces you to "play" with it and create artistic outputs. In this talk, I will share my passion for creating generative art and animations using SwiftUI and showcase how it benefits from available SwiftUI APIs and its declarative nature.



About the event

This year will be our first-ever mDevMeet event — the online little brother to mDevCamp, the largest (and coolest 😎) mobile development conference in Central Europe. It will be held in a BarCamp format so you can expect shorter presentations and more of an emphasis on discussion, networking, and just hanging out with the community.

The event will take place online in one of the beautiful 3D virtual worlds created by Confer-O-Matic.

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Check out the last edition of mDevCamp 2020 – Read our Code of Conduct

Why attend?

Mobile phone


It’s where European mobile developers meet, greet and collaborate first time in virtual 3D world.


Learn from the Best

Let experts from the community share with you their experience and insights in the topics that you care about.


You're in Control

Before the event, the community will vote on which talks they want to hear. More details about this soon.


Nerd out

Mobile development isn’t just a career, it’s a passion! Enjoy spending time with talented, like-minded developers!

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Partners of 2021

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Vadim Drobinin


On my way home from @mDevCamp and that was beyond all expectations!
Here are the slides from my talk "iOS Security 101-ish":… , feel free to ping me if there are any questions.
Looking forward to 2020 edition!

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Krzysztof Zabłocki‏


Had a blast at @mDevCamp, always a pleasure to share personal experience’s and learn from others 👌

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Aygul Zagidullina


What a Friday, enjoyed every moment of it 🙌 Had a wonderful time speaking at @mDevCamp about building for Google Assistant, meeting lots of new people and old friends 😊 Thanks a lot for having me! Also, really appreciate your childcare offer for Emily 👶 #mDevCamp#AoGDevs#GDE

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Jeroen Mols


Very grateful I was able to speak at @mDevCamp! Such a lovely and well organized conference with extremely friendly and helpful organizers. Great job #mdevcamp team! Highly recommend going there. 🙌

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